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When finding the best Kona coffee, 4 eyes are better than 2. Our bean-artistry extends to finding the very best, as we cannot expect our coffee to be the taste of perfection it is, without first picking the perfect bean.

Kona Coffee

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We are professional artisan Kona Coffee roasters with over 32 years of Hawaiian roasting experience times two. Our brand satisfies even the most experienced coffee connoisseurs.

100% Kona Coffee

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The coffee still has the same great roasters aroma you have come to expect, only now we drive a few miles to get our beans,making our coffee truly fresh from the farm.

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Kona Coffees have the Best Roast Flavor, Dad would say.

Maybe you have heard of Amigos Cafe?

Don't be surprised if not. It served coffee to a small neighborhood just east of Los Angeles.

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Our Father opened the doors in 1951. He prepared it in a simple wok back then like the best Kona roasters did. We watched till we were drafted. Dad enjoyed a good conversation so after a few years we became the secret coffee roasters. A lot of pressure for a preteen because even then Hawaiian was an expensive coffee.

Kona Coffee
CoffeeThe best Kona roasters can amplify the sweet natural tropical hints of chocolate in the berries every time. The trick Dad would say is to find the largest seeds as it generally means they were picked when the cherries were red ripe and plump.

My brother and I assumed operation in 1984 with a few changes. We have roasted 32 years with the last year on island. You see because of attempts to limit species interaction from around the world, all green, un-roasted from the island "which includes Kona" are under quarantine and only roasted can be shipped off the islands.

A Starducks on every corner and no source for the best Kona roasters high quality tropical Kona coffees; it was an easy decision. So we loaded up the truck and shipped it to the Big Island.

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What are you waiting for?

 Get ready to experience the amazing taste of kona coffee right now!

Kona Coffees.

The "Kona coffees belt" in Kailua-Kona is arguably two miles wide and even more controversial is the level at which it starts and stops with these numbers offered as a close proximity; 700 feet to 2,000 feet elevation. Furthermore the place where it begins to the north of Kailua and its greatest point south of Kailua are in full dispute. Besides the "Kona Belt" districts where coffee is grown other belts include Kaʻū in the far south, Puna in the southeast, and Hāmākua coast in the northeast.

Best Brand Of Kona Coffee To Buy

Kona Coffee Roasters from the heart of the Belt (not San Francisco). Furthermore coffees can be harvested year-round in each of the four corners of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa with the highest production beginning in late summer and extending to early spring. There are about 800 coffee farms on the mountains and at least 40 on other islands. Average yield was equivalent to 1400 pounds of parchment per acre. A total of about 7,800 acres (3,200 ha) are planted with coffee throughout the state. A little over half the the best brand of kona coffee to buy planted acres are outside the island of Hawaii, in particular on the island of Kauai, indicating that farms on other islands are larger in average size compared to those in the coffees belt. Although total production increased from 2007 to about 8.6 million pounds, farm prices actually dropped, so the dollar value decreased by about 8%.

Kona Coffees are humbly prepared by Hawaiian family farms

Coffee's production is for the most part a family operation of converting the raw fruit, the cherry into the finished coffee. Coffees do not require much that would be considered a process. It’s what one would call a specially prepared product.

The cherry has the fruit or pulp removed leaving the seed or bean which is then pacific tropical salt air sun dried. While all green coffees is processed, the method that is used varies and can have a significant effect on the flavor of roasted and brewed. Awarded Kona coffee roasters and Estate Coffees generally has an extra step by which 20% of the pulp is left intact with the cherries being fermented 24 hours or longer creating a(less bitter) sweeter or Extra Fancy Coffees in production are a major source of income for coffee Estates, especially for the larger farmers co-op coffee growers. Processing the best brand of kona coffee to buy locally, farmers and other volcanic growers have added quality increasing value with a current upward trend for 2017 yearly tax revenue claims from coffee.